Daric Stith

Daric web

Vice President of Construction

Daric is a graduate of Hawaii Pacific University with a degree in International Business. He has brought to
Tri State Electric excellent math and computer skills and an ability to evaluate the whole picture. Daric has
worked for Tri State Electric since he was a teenager but, once he graduated from college, came back to Tri
State Electric as a professional. He has worked as an estimator for 6 years and is also responsible for the
organization and quality of the company’s bidding process.

Daric has served as the estimator and project manager for large retail centers such as Treasure Valley Market
Place and Nampa Gateway Center – both located in Nampa, Idaho. He has also been in charge of new school
construction, the Elmore County jail, and numerous other projects.



  • West Junior High School
  • Middleton High School
  • Garden Valley School
  • Treasure Valley Market Place
  • Maxine Johnson Addition
  • Elmore County Jail

  • Bronco Motors Hyundai
  • Nampa High School Modernization
  • Nampa Gateway Center
  • Idaho Commission of the Blind