e’ve come a long way since William C. Stith started Tri State Electric in a Boise garage in 1964.  Our company has grown, but we still handle everything from small home projects to large commercial and industrial projects.  Tri State Electric, still calling Boise, Idaho home, provides complete electrical construction services in the Northwest United States. How has a family run business not just persevered but also grown and excelled for so many years? Through a well established commitment to integrity, innovation and quality.

Tri State Electric has extensive experience installing electrical systems in a variety of facilities, including  government installations, airports, parking facilities, high tech manufacturing, computer facilities, hospitals, schools, commercial/retail/office complexes, food processing, industrial, institutional and residential. Tri State Electric also provides preconstruction services and design-build capability.

Indeed, our expertise is proven every day, and we stake our reputation on the efficient and effective operation of our customers’ businesses.  That’s why our company ideals have served us — and our clients — so well over the years:

  • Be honest, humble and patient.
  • Work hard, work smart and work safe.

Experience is not just a buzzword.

Our employees have field experience in the related field where they now serve as estimator, project manager or field superintendent. We take pride in not only their high level of experience, but their longevity as well — all of our project supervision has been with Tri State Electric for more than five years. This professional expertise helps us provide customers with advice and design support.

Additionally, as a union contractor affiliated with both the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), we draw from the most highly skilled labor pool available. All hiring of field personnel is accomplished through the local IBEW union hall; all electricians must be union members in good standing. Consequently, manpower is never an issue. Our customers know we can deliver one or 100 electricians—whatever it takes to get the job done.

We do it right the first time.

To soar above our competition, we work hard to be the most efficient and qualified company we can. We provide employees the tools they need to continually upgrade their education, skills and performance. To that end, we believe our technicians can complete the same job in less time than the competition. (Double the time means double the cost!) By the end of each project, the job is done right, on time and within budget.

We go the extra mile.

We are licensed in four states — Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Nevada — to provide technical assistance to our customers who operate in locations reaching beyond Boise and Idaho.

Size doesn’t matter.

Tri State Electric provides the same great client service regardless of project size. Whether a basic service call or a million dollar project, our bids are competitive. On time/material, fee/base or design/build projects, our bids range from a basic service call to multi-million dollar fast track projects. We are staffed, equipped and able to handle multi-million dollar projects.

We know how to use technology.

Modern technology helps us create a safer, more efficient working environment. We invest in the most current technology when upgrading tools, equipment and metering devices. Often, this results in reduced need for manpower and, therefore, reduced cost for our customers. Efficiencies extend to the administrative side as well. Estimating software provides more accurate estimates. Computerized accounting gives customers a true-to-date cost. And communication is made easier with our personalized e-mail addresses and AutoCAD software, which allows customers to send drawings via the Internet.

Our philosophy is simple: Our greatest asset is our customer, and our only measure of success is customer satisfaction.

Main Office

Our office staff has combined experience in accounting, estimating and purchasing and utilizes computerized systems in all phases of our operation. Our staff is fluent in, but not limited to McCormick Estimating, Forefront Accounting Software, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Omni Form, AutoCAD and Internet applications.

We’ve Got The Power… To Do The Job Right!